Rims & Fitment Press

  • Split Rim

    Emrald manufactures Split Rims as per ETRTO & TRA standards for dimensions and load rating.

  • Multi-piece Rim

    Emrald supplies Multi-Piece Wheel Rims covering all popular sizes in the industrial tyre segment.

  • Fitment Press

    Emrald Fitment Press is offered with a complete set of fitment fixture to ensure Easy, Safe & Secure Fitment of Solid/Press-ons tyres on rim/hub.

  • Base Band

    High-grade mild steel band - 100% weld joint tested as per ASTM standards. Dimensional conformance to TRA & ETRTO standards. Comprehensive size range covering all popular Press-ons.

  • Bead Wire

    High quality raw material conforming to international standards. Weld joint designed for high tensile value. Tighter tolerance on all critical dimensions.

  • Split Rim
  • Multi-Piece Rim
  • Fitment Press


Industrial Wheel Rims

  • Manufactured as per ETRTO & TRA International standards for dimensions and load rating
  • High quality Mild Steel - HRPO for improved processability and high quality performance
  • Wheel mounting hole profile designed for high precision
  • Stringent process and quality control for 100% defect-free product

fitment press

  • Emrald offers Industrial Fitment Press for mounting and demounting of Industrial Solid Tyres from 16” to 53” OD and Press-ons from 13” to 28” OD.
  • Offered with a complete set of fitment fixture to ensure Easy, Safe & Secure Fitment of tyres on the rims.
  • Fixtures for fitment include set of Taper Cone, Cage & Base plate for every ID profile in Solids & Press-ons.
  • Available in 80/100/120/200 Tons
  • Compatible to fit all popular sizes in both Solid Resilient and Press on tyres.